Vendanges Tardives (Late Harvest)

Vendanges Tardives should always be store on their sides, at the ambiance temperature of 10° et 15°. They must be served chilled but not iced. The ideal temperature is 8° et 10°.

Can be kept up to 10 years

With a rare and prestigious mention, it completes the Grand Cru Appellation. The grapes are harvested in over-ripe during very good years. The richness of these mellow wines is exclusively natural. It can be served as an aperitif, with meals of temperament, or outside meals.


Vendanges Tardives Riesling

Sweet, mineral wine with a touch of acidity.


It will accompany very well your aperitifs and appetizers.

Vendanges Tardives Gewurztraminer

Wine with exotic fruit aromas, rich and full-bodied on the palate.


With its yellow color and its straw reflection, it will be a complicity to finish your meal in beauty or during a friendly moment.