Alsace wine (7 grapes varieties)

Alsace wines should always be store on their sides, at the ambiance temperature of 10° et 15°. They must be served chilled but not iced. The ideal temperature is 8° et 10°.

Alsace wine do not need years of ageing to reveal their full character : from 6 months to 5 years is usually sufficient.


Fresh and light wine, it is refreshing and discreetly grapey.


This is the perfect accompaniment to seafood, fish or charcuterie

Pinot blanc "Klevner"

Tender and delicate, freshness and discreetly fruity.


This wine accompany a variety of dishes, including buffet ans seafood. Is the ideal all-purpose Alsace wine.


Dry, distinguished and delicately fruity.


You can served it with fish, shellfish, white meats and of course the regional speciality Alsace choucroute.


Muscat d'Alsace have a bouquet of fresh grapes and delicate floral aromas.


It is a perfect for apéritif or réception wine, and goes well with asparagus.

Pinot Gris "Alouettes"

He develops a characteristically opulent flavour. Round, rich and with a long finish.


Excellent with foie gras, game, white meats and offal.


Exuberant, powerful and seductive, it is the best-know Alsace wine. Well-structured, it develops a rich aromas of flowers, spices or exotic fruit.


Sometimes slightly sweet, it is perfect as an apéritif or with spicy foods, strong cheeses and desserts

Pinot Noir

This is the only variety in Alsace to produce a red wine. The wines have a typically cherry-like, fruity character. It develops a more complex and full-bodied structure.


It marries well with red meats, game, charcuterie and goat's cheese or gruyère.